The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing For Your Brand

March 29, 2019

After the Facebook and Instagram crash a couple of weeks ago, that left many users and businesses unable to post or look at these apps, we looked at how importantĀ it is to create content for a number of different platforms, and not to put your eggs all in one basket when it comes to digital marketing.


1. More Chances of Connecting With Different Audiences

Different types of people, looking for different types of content, use different social media channels. Multi-channel marketing, therefore, and editing your content for each platform, presents more opportunities for your brand to connect with targeted customers at different stages of the buying process. This, therefore, increases the possibility of sales more than single-channel campaigns.


2. Multi-Channels Provide Easier Communication With Customers

Most customers prefer sending a social media message to an email, as they will get an almost immediate response. If your brand has a presence on the major social media channels it is more likely that customers will reach out to you. Each customer will have their prefered channel so make sure you are where they are. the quicker the response and more helpful you are, the more likely your follower is to purchase an item or service from you.


3. Better Data Collection

The more digital presence your brand has, the better your analytics and research into your posts will be. This also allows you to compare where you’re doing well, compared to channels that aren’t seeing as much engagement. Therefore, you can adjust your digital marketing strategy to suit your customers and ensure it’s always working for your brand.


Overall, the more places you are for your customers to find you, or “stumble across” your business, the more likely you are to generate leads and sell products. So, consider multi-channel marketing for your business. However, be selective and focus on what channels your audience spends time on. Otherwise, you could be wasting effort creating content for platforms that don’t see much engagement.

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