How to Improve Your Brand’s Visual SEO

July 5, 2019


The future of SEO is constantly changing and it is so important, with more and more of your customer searching and finding you on the internet, to ensure your brand is ahead fo the curve!

So many businesses are now finding their tried and tested SEO strategy just isn’t getting them the same traction as it once did.

This is where we help. We’ve compiled a list of key changes and trends to ensure that your brand is ready for these SEO updates and you are still in front of as many customers as possible.

The first topic is visual search.


As well as voice search, SEO changes and Google updates, another arising trend is visual search. In essence, visual search replaces text and how you would traditionally conduct a search online, with images. So, instead of writing the words “beaches near me”, you’d upload a picture of a beach.

But why is visual search even a thing?

Thanks to smartphones everyone now has a camera attached to them at all times. This means that we are communicating in a more visual form these days. Users can now upload a photo to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Visual search provides a much more varied and detailed search. For example, images answer questions that text can’t. For example with a picture of an item of clothing you can ask – “what looks good with this?” or “where can I buy this from?” If you asked these with just text it would take you ages and not give you the exact answer you were even looking for.

In other words, visual search is becoming more and more popular as it links the physical and the digital. You can match products consumers see with the online information or buying details. This makes shopping even more interactive.


Visual search can currently be conducted on Amazon, eBay, Google lens and Pinterest Lens. Most of these have a camera icon in their search bar so you can take an image and find the answers you need.

Although not mainstream yet, it is important that your brand gets ahead of the game and understands this technology before you fall behind.


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