3 Influencer Marketing Campaigns To Inspire Your Brand

April 5, 2019

We’ve talked a lot about different types of influencers and how you can work with them to create effective campaigns. But, what are some examples of effective campaigns that your brand could learn from or replicate?

Here are a few of our favourites that will inspire you to start using influencers in your marketing campaigns…


1. Fiji Water’s “Bodyworewhat”

Fiji Water recently worked with the influencer, Danielle Bernstein to promote its brand and dedication to helping its customers stay hydrated.

The campaign, led by Bernstein author of the blog We Wore What launched a campaign titled Bodyworewhat. This saw Bernstein filming eight-minute work out videos with a personal trainer whilst hydrating with Fiji Water. The campaign was a huge success as Fiji’s customers received a free workout and understood how the brand encourages a healthy lifestyle, with the help of their hydrating product.

Our Top Tip: When working with influencers try to create free content that your customers will genuinely enjoy or find interesting.



2. Pedigree’s “Buy a Bag, Give a Bowl”

Dog food brand, pedigree, also worked with influencers to promote its recent campaign. The campaign focused on the fact that once a bag of food is bought from Pedigree, they will give a bowl of food to a dog in need in return.

The company worked with a range of influencers to help humanise their brand. One influencer, Kristyn Cole, shared a touching story about her dog on Instagram, encouraging her followers to buy the product in order to help dogs in need.

The campaign was very successful as Pedigree experienced a 1.3 times increase in their social media value. 43 million impressions were made throughout the campaign and 62,800+ people viewed the content created.

Our Top Tip: When working with influencers appeal to emotions, and create a storytelling experience. Working with charities or good causes also helps humanize your brand.


3. Pala Casino’s “Influencer Getaway”

Pala Casino used influencers’ s in a very different and interesting way. The casino wanted to encourage a younger audience to visit their resorts and follow their social media updates. Therefore they invited 21 trendsetting influencers that, they knew, had the audience they wanted. Each influencer created three pieces of content that they knew their audience would love to see.

The 21 influencers had a total reach of over 28 million followers and 87 pieces of content were created for them. The end result was over 50,000 engagements and more than 1,000 new likes for the brand on Facebook.


Our Top Tip: Consider carefully which influencers you want to work with and the audience that they will attract to your brand. Think about your goals for the campaign and whether the type of influencers you’re collaborating with will help you achieve these targets.

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