3 Brands That Have Mastered The Art Of Influencer Marketing

April 12, 2019

It can be tricky for brands to stand out when it comes to Influencer Marketing and to create content that goes viral. However, here are some of our favourite brands that have truly embraced the world of influencer marketing to create campaigns that attract attention.

1. Asos

Online fashion retailer, ASOS, truly understands the value of micro-influencers and has developed an ASOS Insiders programme to fully make use of their talented influencers.

The already popular style influencers develop their own, separate handle to post ASOS inspired looks and new products they receive from the site. The insiders have built up a cult-like following of an audience who trusts their opinions and loves that ASOS promotes different body types when choosing influencers.

TOP TIP: Like ASOS, think outside the box when it comes to influencer marketing and develop influencer relationships that reflect your audience, their needs and what they want to see. Also, consider Micro-influencers that may have more of an impact, and be more cost-effective, than bigger personalities.



Mercedez Benz wanted to create an air of exclusivity and attract a younger audience with their latest campaign. Therefore, they took to YouTube to develop a 360-degree video with Instagram sensation Loki, the wolf-dog.

The brand’s campaign worked as they went beyond Instagram and provided their audience with engaging, entertaining and informative content that actually resulted in increased sales and leads.

They then used Loki’s fame to promote the video on his own account and drive views to the YouTube page.

TOP TIP: Mercedez researched into where their audience wants to see them and what format of content they prefer. Therefore, don’t immediately go straight to using Instagram influencers to start a campaign. Look at YouTube or other platforms where you’re performing well to create content that explains your product in more depth to potential customers.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is a brand that understands the importance of making the right choice when it comes to influencers. As well as having a good budget to do so.

They recently partnered with National Geographic to develop a series of aspirational photos for International Women’s Day. The photos focused on encouraging young women to explore STEM subjects for their future careers. Although these photos didn’t promote a product they were still successful for Microsoft. The brand wanted to promote their brand beliefs and the photos worked well for B2B business. This increased clients who understood the importance of Microsoft’s campaign.

TOP TIP: Content is as important as promotion. Work with brands that will set you apart from other campaigns. Like Microsoft, think about your aims of the influencer campaigns. Don’t be afraid to explore influencer marketing if you’re a B2B brand.


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