What Is A Macro Influencer?

The second bracket of Influencer is known as a Macro Influencer. Although this group has a bigger audience than micro-influencers, it still may not be the type of audience that your brand wants.

Macro Influencers

Someone with a following of around 50,000 to 300,000 people is generally considered a Macro Influencer.

Their benefits include;

1. Macro Influencers Are Well-Known

They are often considered a mini-celebrity, especially within the community. They may also get recognised whilst out and about, but are not necessarily as well-known in big cities. Not yet of celebrity status, but these influencers definitely have some pulling power.


2. Bigger Reach

Their reach and audience are larger than that of micro-influencers, and better still it’s not necessarily impacted or limited by algorithms. Because of this a lot of their content reaches their audience and they have good engagement. Macro influencers shine in producing great reach whilst still holding engagement which is very rare in the other types of influencer.


3. Broad Audience

Unlike the micro-influencers, macro-influencers tend to not be so niche, this means a wider variety of types of people with similar but also differing interests is there to play with. This is great if you are a health food company as you can find macro influencers that not only can cook, but may also be into health and fitness or mindfulness as well.


4. Cost-Effective

This is due to the reach they gain compared to your investment. Although they may charge higher fees, their content is still, usually, high quality and they have honed their message and tone of voice.


Therefore, if you’re a brand looking to collaborate macro-influencers could be a type to consider.  Their medium-sized audience provides a substantial customer base for your brand, without being too big that you waste money promoting to uninterested parties. However, if you’re looking for an influencer that has celebrity status then you may want to consider some Power Influencers.

In tomorrow’s blog post we will consider this final tier, the Power Influencer. And, why the number of followers may not necessarily lead to a better quality of campaign.

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