Why You Should Start Planning Your 2019 Christmas Campaign!

Now, we may not even have had Halloween yet but if you want to increase sales and create a Christmas marketing campaign that works, unfortunately, you need to start planning now!

In the last quarter of the year, the marketing stakes are growing increasingly high! Consumers are busy looking for Black Friday deals, locking in 2020 summer plans and shopping for Christmas presents. However, many brands miss out on maximising their Christmas campaigns by just leaving it too late.

Here’s why you need to start planning your Christmas campaign today to ensure it’s a success!

1. Early Shoppers Mean Earlier Christmas Campaigns

Your customers are getting more and more organised in the run-up to Christmas. 9 in 10 Australians admitted in a recent survey that they have already finished their present buying by December 13th.

Here in the UK, a third of people have started their holiday shopping by mid-November. To make sure you don’t miss out on these keen shoppers start promoting deals and increasing brand awareness for Christmas purchases earlier rather than later.


2. Social is the new shop window

More and more customers are swapping shops for online stores so social media starts to act as a new type of shop window. Make sure you attract these shoppers’ attention by creating your social media festive display earlier rather than later.


3. High Demand On Christmas Campaign Influencers

If you’re looking to work with influencers remember to start booking them up early. The amount of advertising space will lessen as it comes to the festive period and more and more brands look to work with them. Strike up your perfect partnership and campaign now to avoid losing out on that opportune marketing space.


So, the earlier you start planning the more fruitful the festive season will be! Start now and get ready for the busiest time of the year!

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