Email Marketing: 3 Things To Check Before You Hit Send

So, you’ve written what you think is the perfect email and are ready to hit send for all of your customers to read! However, before you click send have you checked the following things?


1. Test Your Email Links

You’ve probably checked your main call-to-action links several times, and hopefully, they work! But have you looked at the social media icons and made sure they all link up? Test them manually, or use a tool, like Litmus to check all the links.

Once you’re sure all the links (even the unsubscribe button) work then you’re ready for the next step…


2. Clean Your Email List

Next, examine all your reports and make sure your list itself is top-quality. What is your bounce rate? Was there a significant drop in the last newsletter you sent out? Do you have any spam complaints?

HubSpot has found that email databases deteriorate at an average rate of 2.1% per month. That means that with every newsletter you send out some are going to land in a spam box. Obviously, if they do land in spam, this affects your results and doesn’t help you achieve any marketing goals at all!

So, as well as looking over your email itself double-check who you’re sending it to and whether all will open it.


3. Check, Check and Check Your Copy

An obvious, but incredibly important one! Check your copy several times for spelling mistakes, misused words and obvious errors. Many people say “oh well but a spelling mistake in a subject line will always cause the email to be open and read”, which is true as people want to read more and see more mistakes, laughing at your wrongdoings. However, you’ve got to think about why your email is being opened and if it causes a positive reaction to your marketing efforts.

Use a grammar tool such as Grammarly to check through your typos and avoid any mistakes when you press send.


Overall, it pays to be meticulous when your email is going out to so many people. This marketing piece has the opportunity to make or break your brand, drawing customers to you or turning them off your brand. Check, Check and check your email to ensure it presents your brand in the best way possible.

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