The Benefits Of The Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Merger

Last week we revealed that Facebook had announced it was going to merge a trinity of powerful social messaging sites. The project, that is expected to be completed by 2020, will allow users on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram to communicate with each other even if they all use different messaging sites.


But What Could Be The Benefits Of This Messenger Merger for Your Marketing Strategy?


1. Email Marketing

Email newsletters are a very popular form of marketing for businesses as it allows one mass email to be sent to multiple customers. However, often email marketing isn’t as effective as companies buy email addresses. Therefore, customers end up receiving unsolicited emails that they ignore.

For a long time, marketers have been looking for more efficient techniques than email so this merger may help with this problem. With the integration of the three popular messaging sites, marketers can craft messages and send them directly to your messenger inbox, regardless of what platform you use.

This will also be a more favourable marketing technique for customers as well as Facebook requires users to opt-in to receive messages from businesses. So, all in all, fewer spam messages for customers, and a more targeted and interested audience for businesses!


2. Messenger Chatbots

A continuing trend with marketing is the use of new technology to advertise products in innovative ways to targeted audiences. One example of this type of technology is interactive chatbots. These allow customers to have their questions answered or book services immediately via the chat.

The downside of chatbots is they are difficult to programme. So this merger, combining multiple messaging services, means companies only need to invest in one chatbot.


3. An All-Encompassing Messenger Chat Service

China currently uses a very popular news feed service known as ‘WeChat’. This is an all-encompassing messenger service where users can browse the web, message others and buy clothing.

The western world currently doesn’t have something like this, so a merger between the three popular messaging services could become our version of China’s most popular chat service.

With this integration, businesses can roll out universal chatbots and buying services. Soon Facebook may become one of the most influential chat services in the western world.


As well as the obvious benefits for consumers with ease of communication, this new merger could give marketers more possibilities. Especially when it comes to developing new, universal marketing techniques to interested audiences.

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