How To Successfully Market Your B2B Brand On Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for selfies. As one of the fastest-growing social media channels brands are now turning their attention to the image-based platform to increase awareness, brand recognition and followers. for a B2C business, Instagram has always been a fruitful platform. However, it has taken B2B companies a little longer to realise the benefits of the social media site.  Here’s how your Finance, IT or corporate business could succeed on Instagram with effective marketing…

Drive Web Traffic

B2B channels tend to turn to social media to generate web traffic and Instagram can be used to do the same. If your B2B brand is looking to increase web traffic then look at using Instagram Stories and Highlights.

If you are a verified account or have over 10,000 followers you have the opportunity to create a video or still image with a swipe-up link. Using Instagram in this way is incredibly successful and shows the power of the image sharing site in building your B2B company.


Build Brand Awareness

Instagram is a fantastic place to get your brand noticed online. Strong content can lead to good engagement levels and the formation of brand-customer relationships. Build brand awareness by creating branded graphics, videos and templates – sharing your ethos, team member profiles and recent projects.

Furthermore, repurpose customer content into images, blogs, ebooks and webinars. Visually appealing content will ensure that your brand is remembered and recognisable by new customers who use Instagram daily.


Humanize Your Brand

When it comes to B2B brand’s content and image can often be very dry. Use Instagram to build a personality and humanise your brand. After all, your B2B customers are human, and humans like to buy off other humans!

Think about behind the scenes content you could show off online that add personality and highlight your visual side.

Think about sharing your company’s culture photos e.g days out, charity afternoon etc.  Ensure that it all fits with the company’s tone of voice and guidelines, however showing this fun side of your business can lead to being remembered by new customers.


Overall, it is a great idea for B2B companies to start experimenting with Instagram. As the fastest growing platform, you can’t afford to miss out on this audience. The main takeaway from this article is to know your purpose. Set goals and learn how to achieve them by creating Instagram content.


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