A SEO Strategy That’s Fail-Proof!

Are you looking for a way to improve your SEO and get ahead of your competitors?

When you’re looking to get ahead of the game link building, keywords and content can mean the difference between new customers and losing out to your competitors.

Here’s our quick and fail-proof guide to getting ahead of your competitors…

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1. Firstly, determine your keywords


Choose 1 to 2 keywords that you know you want to rank for in Google. For example, if you’re a clothing brand look at “clothing” “women’s fashion” etc. Stick to things you know your audience or potential customers are searching for online to improve your SEO.  However, don’t stop there. Check the search volume of the keywords via online tools such as SEMRush or AHREFS. These words should have a search volume of 1,000-18,000 to ensure that enough customers are actually searching for the words you’re using.


2. Then, research those words and their SEO

This next step is one that companies often forget about. Once you’ve established these keywords use them in searches yourself. What websites come up and do they have a better SEO than yours? Are they similar to yours? Are these websites attracting the types of customers you’d like to attract? Does it lead to content such as blog posts that you could write better or replicate?


3. Create Improved Content

Now you’ve found content that appears when you search the keywords here’s your chance to improve on it. Don’t just copy and paste the content as Google will realise this and block your site or ruin your SEO. Instead, take the key topics that attract the most readers from the article and write your own piece. now you have content that you know your audience is searching for on your site.


4. Build Backlinks and SEO

Now, you’ve got the content you need to get it out there and linked on as many appropriate sites as possible. The more outside links back to your site, the better your SEO. Get in touch with blog sites that have a good reputation for sharing informative content and tell them about your latest post. Any related site? Send them a link to your blog post. Maybe they will add the link to your site, thus improving your SEO dramatically.


5. Do it All over Again

And repeat. Keep recreating and sharing content that you know your audience wants to read. Even better come up with original ideas, as we do! The more useful and genuine content on your site, the more links back to your website and the more reason your customers have to visit your site. It’s your SEO cheatsheet!

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