6 Tips To Kickstart Your Social Media Strategy

Does your social media strategy need a kickstart? We’ve made a list of our top 6 tips and tricks for elevating your strategy to be more engaging for your audience.

Stop ignoring your customers!

As the digital world becomes noisier than it ever has with more brands and consumers being present, it can be easy to disengage with your customer base. But it doesn’t mean it is an excuse to not engage with your customers on social media. Social listening is an incredibly powerful tool that, when used correctly can push brands’ user growth and revenue.

Responding to comments and tweets alone is not the best way to interact with your audience. Listening to what they’re saying and adapting to their wants and needs will allow your brand to further the relationship with your customers.


It’s Okay To Sell

Social media platforms understand the want from brands to be able to sell their products/ services directly to customers in stream. Instagram has a checkout feature which allows users to purchase from a brand without ever having to leave the app.

If using selling features isn’t suitable for your brand, you can try the usual method of pitching your products/services but do so to the relevant people. Try joining groups on social media platforms that are relevant to your audience. For example, a fashion brand may join groups on Facebook that talk about fashion weeks.


Go live

Platforms have been pushing video content for the past few years now but one thing that has been on the rise since the introduction of Facebook live is live videos.

Streaming has become one of the most important ways of interacting with your audience. In the video game industry companies have realised that a great way of getting feedback almost instantly is to do a live stream where they answer questions and show gameplay of an upcoming video game. Streaming doesn’t have to be used just to sell though, it can be used to engage with your audience or offer them something for free. Hootsuite is a perfect example of this. Users of their platform are regularly invited to attend free webinars where experts in the field of digital marketing offer their expertise.


Message your Audience

With people being more private with their data, they’ve turned to using messaging services to engage with the brands they use. Any good social media strategy would have a plan in place to ensure that no member of your audience would go unheard. Messenger is the perfect platform to do this as it allows you to see messages coming in from both Facebook and Instagram (and eventually Whatsapp). You can use messenger bots to ensure that all your audience is being responded to but be wary of overusing them in your social media strategy. People don’t want to talk to a robot, they want to talk to you.


Have fun in AR

For a while, VR (virtual reality)appeared to be the technology that companies were looking to harness but now AR (augmented reality) has really found traction – especially on Instagram filters. It’s the technology that made Snapchat famous and is now inspiring users on TikTok to create fun short videos.

AR doesn’t just have to be for entertainment though, you can provide your customers with a service. Beauty brands use these filters to allow customers to try on new shades of lipstick and hair colours.


Try something new!

Businesses should never be afraid to try something new when it comes to your social media strategy. If you didn’t try something new, you would never fully define your audience. Whether it’s engaging your audience through a new platform like TikTok or through a new medium such as a weekly podcast, get out there and find your audience.


What you think of our tips? Is there any we missed off this list? Let us know by getting in touch with us on social media.

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