5 Channels That Boss YouTube

Youtube is a fantastical video world, filled with weird and wacky content. To be on top, of such a competitive channel market, takes a lot of creative thinking and diligence. So, I’ve devised a list of the most forward-thinking minds on the platform, and how you can take some tips from them.

With so many channels and different content being created every day on YouTube, your brand needs to start getting involved. Take a look at these YouTubers and see how they can help you create new, innovative and engaging content for your audience.


David Dobrik

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The biggest vlogger on the internet, David Dobrik, what’s a vlogger you say? It stands for ‘Video Blogger’ essentially a video form of your traditional internet blog. David films his extravagant day-to-day life, in which his 13 Million subscribers follow along with him. The key asset to David’s success is his humour and charm, and his ability to constantly have a fun day! He makes the most mundane things looks like unmissable content. Being affiliated with popular celebrities adds to his video value as well, with faces like Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez appearing on vlogs. There’s no wonder he is adored as YouTube’s Golden Boy.


The Zac & Jay Show

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The Zac & Jay Show, these two cheeky chaps are the next big thing! Yes, I may be biased but their content is amazing. With a fraction of subscribers that many channels of their calibre have (330,000 Subs), they produce high-quality content with unique ideas and concepts. Videos such as  Sneaking Into the UK’s Biggest Award Ceremony (Jumped On Stage) and We faked a model to the top of London fashion week means they truely are pioneers of a new wave a Youtubers. Both Zac and Jay being in their early 20’s, I’m truly excited to see what the future holds for these two visonaries.



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Mr Youtube himself, Pewdiepie the largest self-run channel on Youtube, and controversial love child of the media platform. But, his new modern edgy content has made a drastic change from some 7 years ago, where he was hailed as a gaming channel. Like marmite, not everyone likes him, unlike marmite he has almost 100 Million subscribers on the platform and averages higher daily views than most popular T.V shows. His content still baffles the majority of the population who aren’t Millenials. How long will he stay at the top for? Will he move platforms like Ninja? Only time will tell…


Niko Omilana

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Similar to like ‘The Zac & Jay Show’ Niko Omilana’s content is based around fresh ideas, his most popular series included him going undercover in Britain’s EDL groups, where he began to do a mockumentary-style series where he’d pretend to be amongst this group of frowned upon individuals. Therefore, this has made for great content, as he used his energy and quick wit to persistently annoy these “hate groups” around the UK. UNDERCOVER As A RACIST For 24 HOURS. Since then Niko has been producing a variety of similar unique ‘prank’ videos which his near 1 Million subscribers enjoy.


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Born in 2010, Yes 2010… Feel old now? 8 Year old Ryan Kaji aka RyanToysReview produces content for the niche market of parents and young children. The channel, which is run by his parents, uses Ryan as a presenter as he meticulously breaks down toys he is given to review. Sounds like a dream job for him, right? He dominates the toy market with over 21 Million Subs. Brands are falling at his feet to display their product in his videos. But don’t worry, the toys are donated after being reviewed to charities. But what will happen to the future of the channel when Ryan reaches his teens? Is his going to continue the channel or sell it off to a large corporation?


So, with all these new and interesting channels it can be hard to think of ways to stand out. Especially on such a growing platform. Whether you’re looking to create content or advertise on the site we can help get your brand seen.

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