4 Key Ways to Achieve Personalised Marketing

With people looking to be able to really connect with the brands they use in 2020, we’re taking a look at how you can personalise your marketing campaigns without coming across as heavily targeted. Personalised marketing will soon become the norm so it’s better to get ahead of the competition and show your audience you understand them.


1. Personalise your intro messages on auto responses and emails

People are looking to be more active when engaging with the brands they use. This means, companies are now using social media platforms as ways of giving customer service. If people have had an issue with an order or just want to book an appointment, they can now directly message the company they need to contact. Bearing this in mind, brands are now using automated messaging to respond to these messages.

A lot of the time with these messages, they come across as quite robotic, so try adding the customer’s first name and have some personality in your message! The same applies to emails, try inputting your customer’s name in the intro of your email and leave the sales push towards the end of the email.


2. Listen to what your customer base is talking about online

Social listening is key to any brand connecting with their audience. Starbucks is a brand that does this perfectly. At Starbucks, they’ve taken the time to really understand their demographic. For example, with the growth of the need for no-dairy milk options, Starbucks is promoting it’s no-dairy options to its customers that might have otherwise gone elsewhere for coffee. They also immerse themselves in pop-culture, from repurposing memes to fit in with the Starbucks brand to adapting trends in fashion (e.g. tie dye) to fit in with their social media feeds.

Another thing that Starbucks does well is responding to the social issues their audience is concerned about such as climate change and diversity. Through focusing on real word issues and pop-culture, Starbucks are able to present really cohesive personalised marketing.


3. Regionalise your social media

Having different social media accounts depending on your geographical demographic can really support your online presence. Sometimes content which might prove to be extremely successful in America, might fall flat in the UK. Cultures differ from country to country, which is something HelloFresh understands. Just for Europe they have several different social media profiles. Not only can they tailor content towards that market, they can also streamline their customer service.

If someone has had an issue with their delivery, they don’t have to speak to someone two countries over, they can receive good localised support. Obviously for smaller business, you wouldn’t be ready for this step. But for larger businesses with offices in multiple locations, it might be worth considering as using thing form of personalised marketing and customer service can bring you closer to your audience.


4. Humanise your branding

Did you know companies get more sales from products featured on social media when a human is in the promotional imagery rather than without?  Human beings are social creatures, which a lot of the time means when we’re browsing for a new mascara for example, we’re going to look at reviews. Then we’re going to open up instagram and look for the brand and people using the product. If we can see a human in the picture along with the product we are more inclined to purchase due to that connection being made. Beauty brands tend to use this method a lot as they can display how effective the foundation is, how bright the eyeshadow is etc.

It’s not just adding people to your photos, it’s about adding pets too. Dulux is a perfect example of this. Dulux have been using an Old English Sheepdog in all of their campaigns since the 1960’s. Whilst the dog is less of a star in the digital age, people will always associate that breed of dog as the Dulux dog.


Do you have any tips on personalised marketing? Get in touch with us on any of our social media pages to share your thoughts!

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