4 Things To Note When On Youtube

Youtube is the largest video streaming platform, in the world, with TV Shows to music or even self-run channels, it has entertainment for everyone. It has a plethora of content to get lost in and can get overwhelming to an onlooker. So I’ve devised a shortlist of things to note when diving into this content haven.


1. Going down the rabbit hole

Down the Rabbit Hole by valkyrieh116, on Flickr


The internet is a big place, filled with weird and wonderful things, and Youtube is no exception. You could be innocently searching for dogs backflipping, 2 hours later, ending up watching a man ‘Near Miss Car Crash Compilation v.53’.¬† With over 300 hours of ‘content’ uploaded ever single minute, it’s impossible to find something you won’t enjoy.


2. The Power of the youth

An average age of the Youtube audience being 18-24, who spend over 10 hours on average on the site, there’s all the more reason for brands to advertise is that the volume of advertisers running adverts is up more than 40% y/y. Modern generations are growing up with Youtube, instead of Television or radio. Which is ever the more reason to invest in the media.


3. The tips to success on Youtube 

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The key ingredients for a successful Youtube channel, you’ll need 3 things,

  • An abundance of energy:

Audience retention is vital on the internet, people lose interest within milliseconds, which is why you need to keep a high level of energy to maintain peak watch time.

  • A niche channel concept:

Make sure you stand out, everyone loves something new and exciting, don’t be a copycat. There are millions of channels out there, so I will be hard to compete with someone who is as eager to succeed on the platform as you.

  • Persistence

Persistence is key with Youtube, you can’t expect to upload one video and be an overnight success. Even the most popular YouTubers build up their overtime.

Contrary to everything I said, a lot of the time, it’s down to luck and patience within Youtube success, as the internal algorithm project certain advertiser-friendly channels to the top, so be on your best behaviour with your content.


4. Advertising on Youtube

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Advertising comes within a few forms on Youtube, you have 2 types.

  • Midroll

These are the most common form of advertising Youtube offers, usually played before or during a video. These tend to be 5 seconds long or 30 seconds long with a ‘skip ad’ function.

  • Direct to influencers

The other type isn’t as affiliated with Youtube, and more relates to reaching out to a channel to promote your good/service. This isn’t against Youtube terms of service but the channel will still need to explain during said video that they have a paid promotion inside.

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