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3 Ways Tech Can Help Market Your Next Event


Personalising the marketing for your next event can ensure that you get a better turn out and your brand is remembered as being the most person-focused company to work with.

Here’s how you can use tech to better market your event and increase your customer base.

1 Personalised Invitations

Firstly, to market, your event to new or potential customers make sure that you design an appropriate invitation. Tailor them to your customers to increase their chances of attending. Use your email marketing system to target people and group them into their demographic and behavioural personas. For example, if you have a corporate audience but also another audience of families, you can tailor your invites to each group. This means that your invites will be more effective because of personalisation.

2 Personalised Event Websites

Why not create a landing page for your event on your website? Even better, tailor your landing page to suit the audience type visiting the page. For example, a pricing landing page with business discounts is effective for a corporate audience. However, it wouldn’t work as well for a family audience. Use this page to promote early-bird sign-ups or discounts for big groups.

3 Personalised Registration Journeys

Develop an event management system to personalise the registration journey. This will ensure that no potential sign-ups drop off during the process. You can then use this event management system to create ongoing personal reminders and notifications before the event. This will ensure a more effective brand-customer relationship that will hopefully yield more successful sales.

If you’re interested in developing an effective marketing campaign for your next event then get in touch with our team on 01534 280888 or send us a message via our contact form. Our team of designers and marketing experts are ready to help digitise your business.


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