3 Summer Event Ideas to Market Your Business


Do you want to meet new potential customers? Why not hold a summer event to introduce them to your salespeople and put a face to the brand?

But how do you decide what event to hold? Here are some ideas for summer events that increase brand awareness and could build your customer base.


Illustrate that your brand plays a part in your community by investing in a stall or helping out a local event. If a community centre has a summer bbq send some volunteer employees down in branded t-shirts to help hand out refreshments. Or, offer to give away prizes in a local event’s raffle. This type of community participation will introduce your brand in a positive way to new audiences. Soon you will be seen as a brand that invests back into the community and supports local projects. And, wouldn’t you much rather work with a brand that supports the community!

2. Hold an Industry speaker q&A

The best kind of event is an event that not only gets your brand out there to new audiences but also leaves your audience feeling like they learnt something valuable. If you’re a finance based business it may seem cheesy to hold a bbq event that has nothing to do with your business or attracts the wrong type of client. Instead, why not hold an outside event with an industry speaker that potential customers will find useful and engaging? Maybe end the event with a communal picnic to allow natural networking and give out corporate gift bags to ensure your new client leaves the event with your brand fresh in their mind.


Football and sports are a great way to meet new people and get your brand out there. If you’re worried about the hassle of organising a game yourself offer to sponsor a local team, or buy new branded kit for a children’s team. This way parents at games will remember your name when they next need a service and turn to you rather than your competitors.

If you have an in-house marketing and events officer then why not try hosting an industry-wide tournament. Here, network with potential clients and introduce your brand to new faces. If the tournament goes well your potential customers will be pleased, and look to you for advice in the future.

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