3 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Sales

For most brands, a website is created to generate more sales opportunities. But what if you aren’t getting more leads as you expected?

Here are three reasons why your website may not be generating sales and how to fix them!


1. You Aren’t Targeting The Right Customers

So, you have a website, and it’s getting hundreds of hits a week. But, why isn’t this being transferred into sales?

This is probably because your website is attracting a different type of customer than you ideally want. If your organic searches or paid posts aren’t geared towards the right audience, then this could cause lots of traffic to our website that don’t actually intend on using your business. This could leave you spending money you don’t need to.

Instead, focus on creating Google Adwords for your website that won’t cause clickbait. Ensure that you’re not using ads that say “free” when really you’re offering an expensive product. The correct ads and keywords will draw customers who are actually interested in your website, and thus will generate more appropriate leads.

2. Your Website Has Technical Problems

Often we see brand’s that have severe technical difficulties that mean their website doesn’t work. However, they don’t realise this as they don’t actively visit or test their websites.

Test your website regularly to make sure that everything works in favour of the customer’s journey. In particular, test your contact forms. If these don’t work your customers won’t wait around for you to reply or find their email, rather they’ll go and get a response from your competitors instead.

3. Your Website Doesn’t Aid The Sales Journey

Your brand may spend months designing a website that suits you, but does it actually suit your customer and their sales journey?

Consider why your customers are visiting your site and what they want to see. Ensure your contact details have their own tab at the top of your webpage so they can be found easily. That way, if customers don’t like your website they can easily contact you via phone etc, by using the contact details.

Consider also the sales funnel of your customers. Do you have a strong call-to-action and can your customer finish their journey with a purchase, contact form or by visiting your shop? These are all things you should consider in order to secure the customer.


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