3 Reasons Why Your Website is an Important Marketing Tool

When it comes to developing an effective marketing strategy most businesses, quite rightly focus on print, digital and social media marketing however brands often forgotten about the power of their own website in a developed marketing plan.

Your website has the potential to be an incredibly effective marketing tool, and here are the reasons why…

1. Websites Are How Your Customers Find You

If you think of Google as a sort of social media site, your website acts as a piece of content, or a post, that could encourage customers to buy or visit your business. In this way, your website acts as a marketing tool that has the potential to draw in or lose new business.

Therefore, ensure that your website reflects your brand well to ensure that customers warm to your brand. In turn, you have to be sure that customers can find your website. Much like with sponsored social media posts, ensure you are in front of the customers you want to attract via PPC marketing or the use of Google ads.


2. It Puts You Before Your Competitors

When a customer visits your website your brand should be aiming to answer their question as quickly as possible. If you can do this you will secure leads over your competitors.

All of your content marketing materials will be held on your website, so remind your customers! The more useful content you have the more likely your potential customer is to stay on your site and buy from you rather than your competitors.

All in all, everything your customer needs is on your website, so treat it as the bible for all your marketing focuses and direct customers to your website.


3. Websites Allow You To Collect Data

In marketing, it is important that your results can be quantified. your website acts as a marketing tool as it allows you to see the ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Your business can see return visits, bounce rates and reading times to better understand your customer, all from your website’s dashboard. Use this data carefully to target new customers and create a marketing plan that revolved around them.

As you can see a website can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses if used effectively. So, a strong business needs a strong website.

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