3 Reasons Why Chatbots Are The Future of Marketing

When you run a business you tend to send out 20, 50 or even 100 messages a day to potential clients. However, what if there was a way your customer could get a quick response to a FAQ any time of the day, without you wasting time rewriting the same messages? That’s where chatbots come in.

Here’s why they are the future of marketing and web design!

1. Chatbots Allow Automisation

Chatbots allow you to set up specific responses to commonly asked questions. Many customers prefer this automation as it allows them to receive the correct answer in half the time it would take a real person to respond.

However, chatbots also allow takeovers. Set up a chatbot that tells you when a customer is asking a complex or more intricate question. Then you can create a live takeover, giving a personalised service that secures a lead.

2. They Are More Effective Than Email

Most people look at their emails once a day, however, when it comes to their Facebook messenger they are always contactable. Most people will instantly look at a message, so ensure that your campaigns are seen by contacting people on a platform they regularly use.

Chatbots are essentially email marketing on steroids as you know that it is unlikely your campaign will be ignored or filtered into spam as easily as with emails.

3. They’re Available 24/7

Are you in a global industry or one where people get in contact out of office hours? If so, chatbots are essential!

Say a customer has a question or wants to make a purchase at 9 pm. It’s more than likely that this normally wouldn’t get picked up on until 9 am the next morning. But what if the customer has already placed an order or found the answer from another company or your competitors.

With chatbots your company is always open to your customers, making their life easier and creating the perfect customer journey.

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