3 FREE Influencer Marketing Tools Your Brand Needs To Be Using

When it comes to free tools to improve your influencer marketing the cheaper the better. Here are three sites that we recommend your brand checking out to see how they can help improve your influencer marketing strategy.


1. Influencer Finder: Tweet Reach

When you’re looking for influencers this tool is a great help. The free version of Tweet Reach allows you to look at an influencer’s last 100 tweets, giving a free analytics report for their top tweets.

This is a great feature as it allows you to set up social media reports with real-time social media monitoring. This way you can analyse the actual success rates of your influencer in the recent past. You can also use the service to see how your brand is doing as well. Are you reaching the right audience, which hashtags are working and which aren’t? All of this improves your social media presence and provides you with ways in which you can ensure a better social media success rate.


2. Relationship Builder: BuzzStream

If you’re looking at building strong and effective influencer relationships then BuzzStream may be the way to do this.

BuzzStream allows brands to research influencers by using a browser extension. For example, if there is a blogger that you think will work for your brand you can add this to your browser extension to see the person behind the blog. how many followers do they have on other platforms? Do they have a strong social media presence that will work for your brand?

BuzzStream also allows you to use keywords to find influencers that could work for your brand. This list is something that would take a researcher hours to compile, but here you have your key people, all in one handy resource.

3. SEO Researcher: PitchBox

When it comes to SEO research Pitchbox is a tool that can elevate your brand’s digital marketing strategy.

This is more for blog research than social media but can help develop a committed long-form reader audience for either your blog posts or through influencer marketing.

The site allows you to find influencers through keyword searches and then uses further sites to filter these down to those with the best SEO and digital presence.

If you’re looking to find influencers who you know have authority then this is the site for you!

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