What Will 2020 Bring For Instagram?

If you want your marketing to succeed in 2020 you need to be aware of the latest trends and predictions. Here are our thoughts on 2020 for Instagram and how you can stay ahead of the curve and your competitors using social media.


Health and Wellbeing

This year Instagram has been incredibly focused on creating a more user-friendly platform that protects its customers’ mental well being. They’ve done this by slowly removing likes from posts to encourage users to focus on the content, rather than the number of likes they receive. We’ve really enjoyed this fresh and positive outlook on mental wellbeing and social media. However, it is unknown how this will continue into 2020. Many marketers are suggesting that we could see a shift towards eCommerce and monetisation in 2020.



This year Instagram has announced ‘Threads’, a close friends messaging app. This direct messaging app would give your close friends the option to see what you’re doing even when you’re not in the app. It’s kind of like a Facebook but only for select friends.

However, we’re not too sure this will hold up with other apps. Initial data since its inception in October has shown that this isn’t as popular as Instagram’s direct messaging site. Rather, Threads seems like the main way Instagram can tackle Snapchat’s core user case. However, because you can already direct message on the app, Threads has seemingly become a little redundant.

Overall, we predict this will be a write-off, unfortunately. As, unless Instagram does something dramatic such as remove the private messaging option from the app, it is essentially useless.


Video Chat

However, instead of direct messaging, we predict that we will see the rise of video chat! With “House Party” already building momentum as a platform where young people hang out, we think that Instagram will offer the same kind of virtual hang out for its users.

Instagram initially responded to “House Party” by adding the option for single live-stream and group video calling on its direct messaging platform. We expect Instagram to also respond to the rise of video chat apps by rolling out a new live-stream hang out feature on the app.

With this massive opportunity in live streaming and video calling this could prove to be an especially popular feature on Instagram.


IGTV’s One Final Push

Similarly, despite its big marketing push IGTV still hasn’t struck a chord with users as much as Instagram would have hoped. That’s why we think that Instagram will push the platform one last time, maybe creating a new feature to draw users, and thus advertisers to this unique feature on the platform.

After Snapchat’s big success with its Discover shows in 2019, it proves there is a demand for this type of content, however, IGTV hasn’t yet capitalised on this. Maybe 2020 will see IGTV turn into more of a Discover type layout and theme. Watch this space!


Overall, there are a lot of opportunities for new content on this social network giant, and we’re very excited to see what 2020 brings!

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