5 Undeniable Facts About The Power Of Video Marketing

Video marketing

If you have ever doubted the power of video marketing, then you need to read these impressive facts that prove why you need to start making use of video marketing! 1. 93% Of Internet Users Worldwide Watch Digital Videos Weekly As we already knew video content is viral. However, The average viewer now spends 100 […]

6 Reasons to use Video Marketing for an Effective Recruitment Strategy

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Video is a must-have for recruiters Video marketing and content production are both things you should absolutely consider as part of your recruiting strategy. In today’s blog, we look at six of the main reasons to develop and implement a video-focused, content-driven recruitment strategy. An absolute must for attracting, and in some cases pre-qualifying, top […]

6 video creating apps – alternatives to TikTok

TikTok was never for everyone but following its ban in multiple locations, the demand for video-creating apps is surging. Fortunately, there are some apps moving into position to claim the title of the next best app – even Instagram has released Reels, its alternative to TikTok. Here are 6 more alternatives gaining popularity: BYTE As […]