How To Conduct An A/B Test On Your Website

May 24, 2019

So, you’re developing a new website. You’re nearly there, however you need to be sure the finished product is the best version of the site it can be! Here’s an effective way of A/B testing your website to see what parts you need to alter or redesign completely.


What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is a kind of split testing. It allows you to “split” your audience into two groups so you can test a number of variations of your website. this way you can see which performs better, allowing you to proceed with one of the options.

In other words, you show group A, one version of a site, and group B a slightly different version of the same site.


How Do You Prepare For An A/B Test?

First, you need to have two different versions of a site or a page on your site. Within these variations only change one variable. This means that you know the groups like the site because of this difference.


An Example

Say you want to A/B test a particular call-to-action on your site. Maybe one of your team thinks a CTA button works better on the top of the homepage, whereas someone else thinks it’s more effective along the side of the homepage.

First, create the two different webpages, but ensure they are only different because of the positioning of the CTA buttons.

Give one site to the first group, then the other site to the next group. Test the percentage of people in each group that notice or click the button based on its placement. Whichever site has a higher percentage – that’s the winner!


So, now you know how to A/B Test give it a try. In tomorrow’s blog post we will be looking at the benefits of A/B testing for your brand.


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