Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business

May 22, 2019

Before you start creating a website for your brand you first have to choose a suitable domain name. Simple right? Well, actually there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the perfect domain name.


Have you thought what extension your site will have? For example, if you’re in Jersey will you choose a “.je” web address or “” or even “.com”? Whereas a “.com” domain may make you seem like a global company it could put potential customers off who are looking for local advice and services.


Do you know of any keywords that would instantly increase your SEO? your domain name has the potential to make you stand out from competitors and allow you to be found in search engine results.

The right keywords in your domain name have the potential to put you at the top of the search results. Recent studies show that a domain name that included relevant keywords accounted for 63% of the top page search results.


When it comes to domain names the shorter they are, the better. Ideally, choose a name under 15 characters.

Shorter names are easier to remember, and it’s less likely that a customer will spell the name of your URL wrong if they are shorter. Misspelling may lead to a customer giving up on visiting your website and will result in a loss of traffic.


Ideally, your name will be unique, using names that are too close to competitors will only upset them and could cause your customer to visit their site by mistake.

Create a domain name that your customers will remember and find catchy.


And, finally, don’t use hyphens! Hyphens are often associated with spam addresses. This means that customers may be put off visiting your site, because they are worried about viruses and spam sites.


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