3 Ways To Use Your Website As A Marketing Tool

May 3, 2019

Your brand’s website is another way for you to create positive PR surrounding your business. Here are three ways to utilise your website as an effective marketing tool.


1. Create Effective Banners

Banners on your website can catch the attention of your audience and add visual marketing points for new customers.

Add a banner with an image or bold background colour to your homepage with a key call-to-action. This may be a short-term discount code, links to your social media or the latest blog post.

Banners can draw attention to specific products/services you want to advertise and act as an effective marketing tool even when customers are on your website!


2. Use Grid Tools

Another way of keeping your customers on your site is to use Grids. Grids are photo gallery tools at the bottom of your page, that link to content that your customer may find interesting.

These could be links similar products or blog posts that relate to the page they’re currently on. This keeps your audience engaged and on the website as they visit more pages and decrease your bounce rate. Furthermore, these customers will keep comign back to your page. This is because they know they can read relevant and interesting articles that are constantly refreshed.


3.  Add a Favourites Section

Use your website to advertise what your customers are currently loving or what your business is “favouriting” at the moment with a favourites tool.

Create a scrolling link at the bottom of your webpage with links to your favourite products. Be sure to keep updating your favourites so customers have a reason to return to the website and find out more about your picks. This could also be renamed your featured products.


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