3 Tips For Boosting Your Website Performance

May 8, 2019

For most brands, your website acts as a piece of online marketing. Your customer will search you online and decide whether they want to purchase from your digital or real-life shop, often based on their impression of your website. Therefore, it’s so important that you ensure that your website performance is up to scratch. Here are our top three tips for boosting your website to increase customers, web traffic and, in turn, sales!


1. Web Hosting

Many brands that come and see us have a website that is hosted on a cheap server. Although these used to be fine to just set up an internet presence, they can do more harm than good these days.

Cheaper web hosting options tend to be slower, cut out and are less reliable. If your website is hosted by these servers your customers may become annoyed at your slow loading times, leading to a high bounce rate and potential clients turning to your competitor’s sites that work quicker and a lot better than yours.

If you want your website performance to improve, consider avoiding servers that are cheap. These servers tend to share your disc space with other sites at the same time as yours. This will lead to your site performing poorly and having a slow loading time.


2. Video Optimisation

Overall, a Website’s performance, in today’s digital age, tends to improve if they are fully video optimised. We always advise brands to add a video to their homepage that introduces you to a new customer. However, if your site isn’t fully video optimised any kind of graphics or video could lead to slow loading times.

Consider how you embed these videos, maybe via a 3rd party site like YouTube or Vimeo. This way you can have the content that attracts your audience. However, you can also ensure that your site still works at full speeds, without hindering your customer’s experience.


3. Cloud-Based Monitoring

If your brand doesn’t already have this we suggest you start looking into it to improve your website performance!

The cloud is already a powerful tool in building an online presence. It allows you to keep your data, site and brand safely online. Cloud-based monitoring allows you to set up your website with peace of mind. If there is a problem, which can be the case with start-ups, you always have access to the site.


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