3 Reasons You Should Be A/B testing Your Website

May 24, 2019

Yesterday we looked at how you could A/B Test your site. However, today we’re going to tell you why you need to put a plan in place to actually A/B Test your own website!

#1 Testing Reduces Bounce Rates

It’s disheartening, after spending time and money on a website, to see visitors immediately clicking off your page. The A/B method avoids this as you know before you publish your site exactly what will deter your customers from staying on the site. With this testing, you can see what factors will actively keep customers on the site for longer. Thus, you can build deeper brand relationships.

#2 This Increases Conversion Rates

A/B testing is the easiest and most effective way to ensure that your website converts visitors into buyers. By testing two versions your brand can pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. Similarly, what encourages customers to make a purchase, and what doesn’t.

#3 This Allows Easier Analysis

With A/B you can immediately see the exact thing that works or is hindering your site. This means it’s easy to determine a “winner” or “loser” site thanks to the one change and the straightforward metrics you are testing.

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