What Time Should I post on Social Media?

June 28, 2019

It’s the age old question that we all ask, but no one really knows. In short, it depends. Depends on the network, who you’re looking to engage with and the time of year.

However, a new report released this week has taken a more analytical approach to the question. We’ve read the report and are here to break it down for you, so your brand can get more engagement online.

1. Facebook

When it comes to Facebook posting on Wednesdays seems to be the best bet. Time-wise, focus on posting between 11 am and 1 pm on these days to see the most engagement. Thursday and Friday also see good engagement.

What’s surprising is that the report produced by Sprout Social showed that Sundays had the least amount of engagement on Facebook overall.

So, overall look at posting to Facebook later in the week over first thing Monday morning. This is probably because your customers are looking to the weekend, wanting to be distracted from work as the week ends.

2. Instagram

Surprise, surprise Wednesday is also a winner for Instagram! Failing that post towards the weekend between the times of 10am and 11am on Fridays.

As we can see less users are looking at Instagram on their morning commute, rather it’s later in the afternoon and evening, so that’s something you should consider.

3. Twitter

Twitter, however, doesn’t follow the same time patterns as the other social media sites. With Twitter you are better off posting earlier in the day. More specifically at 9am on Wednesdays and Fridays for the best results.

4. LinkedIn

The report found that the highest engagement found on posts was on Wednesdays, more specifically between 9 am and 10am and at 12pm.

It seems that Wednesday is the best day in general to post still!

Think about it this way, your LinkedIn audience is corporate, turning to the social media to help with their working day. Therefore, posting on the commute, or when your audience is just getting into the office and checking their contacts is a good idea!


Overall it seems that there’s just no ‘cheat code’ when it comes to posting on social media. However, the above analysis does mean that there’s less guessing involved and more gentle tweaking to suit your brand and audience.

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