4 ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

February 12, 2020

Engagement on Facebook is an important aspect of any business that uses social media. In 2019, the platform was the number one social media platform where consumers watched videos from brands on social media.

Use your engagement to build relationships

Interacting with your audience is non-negotiable when your brand is on social media. Every time you post and a member of your audience comments likes or shares, it means they’re interacting with you.

In order to build a meaningful relationship with your audience, respond to their private messages and read and reply to comments. As people are now more concerned with their data, it’s important to remember that they may choose to privately message rather than engage in a public conversation.


Post videos to Facebook

Facebook isn’t just for posting images and updating statuses, you should be sharing your brand’s videos on there too. In 2019, 75million people used the platform’s video watching platform.

When videos are uploaded to Facebook, they will begin to play automatically when it appears in a user’s feed (unless they have the autoplay feature switched off).


Go live

Facebook has made it easier than ever for brands to interact with their audience. The platform has begun pushing groups more recently and is encouraging brands to go live to interact with their audience.

Being live will allow you to have a more personal approach when it comes to engagement as your audience will be able to ask you questions and to receive answers almost instantly. Going live is also a perfect way to showcase new product launches to your audience.


Use the data available to you

Facebook offers a tool called Audience Insights which allows businesses to really get to grips with the audience that’s interacting with their Facebook page and people who generally use the platform.

Use the data you find to help shape the way you engage with your audience and to find potential new audiences on the platform.


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