What Will 2020 Bring For Facebook?

December 3, 2019

As Christmas and the end of the year draws nearer, we’re looking at what 2020 will bring for the world of social media. It’s been an exciting year already with new platforms, updates and features on each and every platform. So, what will 2020 bring?


Facebook Now



2019 has been an eventful year in the company’s short history. They are still working to address the growing concerns surrounding the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and election cycles both here and in the US. This year they started to introduce the ideas of a Facebook cryptocurrency, but what will 2020 see for this social media giant?



Cryptocurrency In 2020



We predict that Facebook will obviously build and eventually release their cryptocurrency, Libra. Payments and in-platform transfers will remain a key focus for Facebook. Thus, allowing the social media network to facilitate cheap or even free funds transfers – making it the ideal platform for users to send money back to their families.  As well as this, we predict that Facebook will lend itself to an eCommerce platform, in much the same way that Instagram is trying to build itself as a shopping platform.



Video In 2020



Video will also be a massive trend for Facebook in the New Year. Facebook Watch is set to take over with its dedicated News tab including original videos and streaming. With the ad revenue potential of Watch if this takes off on the platform.



AR And VR In 2020


Finally, AR is set to be the future of Facebook. Augmented Reality has been slowly gaining momentum recently with Snapchat and Instagram filters, however, it has yet to be mainstream on Facebook. 2020 will be the year we see Facebook take charge of AR in the industry. There have already been talks of developing AR glasses to give a full user immersive experience on the social media site. This investment in AR will also see a VR shift. Especially as the site looks to increase engagement, interaction and user involvement.


What do you think the future will bring for facebook? Let us know by joining in the discussion on our social media channels. Aso, keep an eye out for future posts where we discuss what will happen with other platforms in 2020!

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