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Local Care company, Personal Touch Care Limited, came to us for help building a more effective website. Unfortunately, the current site was very bare, not giving enough details on the company or inviting potential clients to get in touch easily online. Firstly, we researched the care industry, looking at how other providers have approached their sites. We wanted to ensure that Personal Touch stood out so this analysis was key to ensuring this.

We then came up with a site design that worked more seamlessly for customers visiting the site. They also asked us to look at their copy. Our team of copywriters then created pages of information on the care they provided. We also researched and used specialist keywords to ensure that their site would be seen online by the right clients. The care company loved the copy and it provided a wealth of information for potential customers. This increased Personal Touch’s standing as an industry leader as any concerned clients could visit their site to find out more information on specialist subjects.

Once we had the approved copy we set to work creating the site. We created a website that was clearly laid out so all potential clients and their families could easily navigate the site. The result was a sleek, professional site that best suited both the customers and Personal Touch themselves with consistent branding, strong SEO and high-quality images.

Personal Touch: Logo Design

Personal Touch also asked us to take a look at designing a logo for their brand. Specifically, a logo that better represented their core values. For this, we created a striking yet simple logo of two hands in a heart. This encapsulated everything the brand wanted to get across, that they are a caring company that worked together with their clients and families to provide a personalised service.

The result was a more consistent brand image for Personal Touch. This included a logo that could be adapted to clothing, stationery and even the website. Overall, Personal Touch are thrilled with their digital transformation.


Keep an eye on our site to see the finished project as this job is still currently under construction.

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