My Mindful Guru

My Mindful Guru

Christian Silver, aka ‘My Mindful Guru’, came to us looking to increase his overall digital presence. Christian had a great business plan and concept he provided an important service, helping clients via skype and direct messaging focus on mindfulness and meditation. However, he wanted a strong personal brand and website where clients could directly contact him and find out more about how he could help them.

We first looked at Christian’s logo. He needed a simple design that encapsulated everything his brand stood for. We looked to nature and the simplicity and peacefulness of trees and plants. This resulted in us creating a logo that focused on the simplicity and natural aspects of leaves. We combined this with a white and green palette of colours. This resulted in a very clean, professional logo that Christian loved.

We then wanted to keep this clean, natural concept running for the website, focusing on Christian as the industry spokesperson for ‘My Mindful Guru’. Therefore, we created a modern site that played on the two colours and various shades. This made a striking final product. We made sure Christian’s image was on the welcome page. As the face of the brand, his new customers could instantly connect with him online.

Overall, the project was great to work on and the end result was a logo and website that presented the brand and Christian to new audiences in a positive way.


Keep an eye on our site to see the finished project as this job is still currently under construction.

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