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A local Personal Trainer, Dominic Travers, looking to build up his business into a brand first approached us to discuss growing his digital and social presence.  Ignite Physiques, his brand, has a great ethos and Dom has a fantastic work ethic but he needed help growing an awareness online amongst new customers. We started by looking at how he could develop his social and digital profile. We researched SEO and keywords to create an all-encompassing content plan that included video, infographics and blog post ideas. All of this content was created with improving SEO and brand awareness in mind. 

Website Design

To ensure all of this content generated traffic we also designed and produced an effective website for Ignite Physiques. The website featured a moving video background, sleek design and up to date information. We also included a contact page so Ignite Physiques could develop a stronger database of customers and a resources page. This contained all the useful information Ignite post on social media. For example, some of the dietary advice, wellness tips and videos of easy exercises were on the site. This meant the site became a hub of content.  Not only was it stylish but also very practical as a brand marketing tool. Thus, this made it even easier for new customers to get in touch with Ignite and learn from them.

The branding is consistent throughout leading to a more prominent online profile for Ignite Physiques that better reflects his company. 

We love working with Ignite Physiques as their branding is already unique and strong. So, to consult on an improved social presence and build a website that reflected this is a pleasure.


Keep an eye on our site to see the finished project as this job is still currently under construction.

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