Local charity, Eyecan came to us for help branding their newest event. The summer event focused on raising awareness for deafblindness as well as ensuring everyone on the island protected themselves so as not to increase their chances of losing sight or hearing. We were happy to help such an important charity so set to work creating a concept for the campaign. Firstly, we researched concepts and came up with a few final designs before both we both settled on the perfect concept that they used for the event.

The result was a core brand identity for Eyecan and their event, with a complimentary colour palette and effective slogans. We then set about bringing this concept to life. We designed and printed a range of collateral including; letterheads, post franking, pull up banners, roadside banners, leaflets and posters. All of this print marketing further enforced the brand identity and overall essence of the event and campaign.

Eyecan were thrilled with the end products.  This charity was a pleasure to work with and really had a great concept behind the event they were hosting. We learnt a lot about keeping our eyes and ears protected against deaf-blindness. And we hope that the collateral we produced will help other members of the public too.

With our branding, Eyecan now had a face to the campaign they had been planning and their event was a success. Keep an eye out for the branding and collateral for Deaf-Blind Week!

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