Why Your Brand Needs Press Releases

June 14, 2019

If you’re a business experiencing a big change to its structure has some important news to share or are curating an event you need a Press Release.

But what are press releases and why do we need them in an age of social media and rapid digital communication?

What is a Press Release?

Originally, press releases were designed as a communication tool between a company and the media. However, with apps like Twitter, Instagram and fast-paced news outlets these can act as content to allow effective communication with your consumer.

The opportunity that creating news presents for company marketing is something that many businesses don’t take advantage of.


Things to consider…

When you’re creating a press release you need to consider the following things;

Firstly, do you have a newsworthy announcement? A press release only really garners attention if the news is interesting. Consider who will be interested in the news and how many click-throughs you’d get from this.

Secondly, how will you distribute the release? Nowadays, press releases can get published on your website. This means that current customers can see the news. However, what about potential, new customers? Think about how you can distribute this to media and local government to get bigger traction. We can help with this process. Our links with lobbying bodies, government and media outlets mean that your brand will be seen by a bigger audience.

Finally, ensure you create collateral. Press releases need support and collateral to be effective. Think about creating blog posts, video and news recordings that support your release and garner the maximum amount of attention. Talk to us about collateral and social media strategies to support any documents we create.

If you’re interested in PR for your business then we can help. Call us on 01534 280888 or send us a message to set up a meeting with our PR experts to see how we can help your brand.


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