How To Become a Thought Leader

June 21, 2019

We’ve already talked about how thought leadership can be a way to get your brand ahead and increase awareness amongst customers. Many brands are reluctant to do this as they feel thought leadership is all about public speaking, however, your brand can become a thought leader more effectively through other formats.

1. Thought Leader Blog Posts

Blogging is a highly effective form of content marketing, as it increases SEO and builds a trusting audience. Think about what types of questions your potential customers are searching for and then write articles that answer these industry questions.

2. Infographics

Create branded infographics that answer a common problem. We like to share our knowledge by creating infographics that explore digital marketing facts or top tips. We share them with our audience, to illustrate that we have the knowledge to help their brand.

Branded infographics are instantly sharable. So use them to make your brand go viral!


You don’t have to just physically attend conferences and events to become a spokesperson. Create a YouTube Channel to get your whole team involved. This way one individual doesn’t face the pressure of being a thought leader. Rather, your whole business becomes an industry leader.

Not only do talking advice videos to ensure that your customers trust your brand and come to you for guidance, but it also adds personality to a brand. Customers find it much easier to connect with people compared to corporate entities. Therefore, creating a channel introducing your team will do this.


A thought leader doesn’t mean that one individual has to become the face of an industry. We hope these tips will help you see how small changes and content marketing can establish your brand as the business for any customer in our industry to turn to. Thus increasing your local SEO and building awareness amongst new customers!

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