Twitter Tests New Emoji Reactions!

Jason Bourgeois
October 17, 2019

Twitter has followed in the footsteps of Facebook and Messenger in order to develop a way to make it easier and quicker to respond to direct messages. The site has started testing out emoji reactions to messages. Thus, giving you a choice of seven reactions to respond to a message or DM.

This is very similar to Facebook Messenger, allowing users to allocate an emoji response to a specific message.

After Twitter’s updates to the messaging system as of late this was an addition that was always on the cards.

Emoji Reactions

This update is very similar to an update the platform tested back in 2015. With this Twitter tried to add the emoji reactions to tweets.  However, instead, the site decided this was too complicated and merely changed the favouriting “star” to a heart.

Overall, this does seem like a very beneficial update as it keeps Twitter up to date with other social media sites and allows users to express themselves much more easily. We can’t wait for the official roll-out! What do you think of this update? Will you be using the new reactions, or will it encourage you to start using your DMs more on Twitter?


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