Twitter test new ‘Original Tweeter’ Tag

Jason Bourgeois
February 14, 2019

This week Twitter has tested an ‘Original Tweeter’ tag to clearly define tweets within threads.

The update has seen Twitter label thread tweets with an ‘Original Tweeter’ tag. Therefore making threads with multiple replies, easier to read and follow.

However, some users have already complained about the tag. One concern is that users find the tag too intrusive, distracting from the flow of tweet streams.

On the other hand some users can see the benefit. Although the tag is fairly large it helps to identify replies within a thread. Especially for new users to the app.

The idea is also thought to help users avoid falling for fraudulent accounts. Accounts that pretend to be the main tweeter in the thread, to promote non-existent giveaways, will now not be so easily confused with the original tweeter.

The update is suspected to be the first move in an approach to make Twitter more conversationally friendly. In turn, it is hoped that this will drive tweet engagement on the site.

Overall, however you feel about the aesthetics of the ‘Original Tweeter’ tag it is hard to deny its usefulness on a text-heavy platform.

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