Twitter Takes Action Against Spam Accounts

Jason Bourgeois
April 11, 2019

This week social media companies have been thinking about their users and how to make their experience better online. We’re excited about the news as it shows that sites understand the importance of keeping their users safe and happy, leading to better content, marketing campaigns and interesting social developments!

1. Twitter takes measures to defeat Spam accounts

Twitter has released a new update to try to help its users have a better overall experience. It has announced that accounts will now be limited in how many accounts they can follow a day. The limit is now 400 accounts. The idea behind the update is to reduce the “Twitter growth hack” where accounts follow and unfollow profiles in order to grow on the site.

The app hopes that this will increase engagement, as with less spamming users can focus on following the accounts they’re actually interested in and create content that interests new followers.

2. YouTube announces TV takeover

This week YouTube has told press that it is seriously considering new ways to take on the TV industry. With digital views rising we think this is a great way for the social media giant to continue its growth. The company has announced that it is going to develop interactive videos, as well as amending its pricing structures for YouTube TV.

This comes at an opportune time as Netflix has also been trying to encourage more viewers to ditch traditional tv programmes.

We’re excited by the announcement. This means that we could soon be watching traditional TV programmes with more of an online, interactive element. This could be a marketers dream and lead to viewer-created content for both TV and the digital space!

3. Lush Quits Social Media

In a strange turn of events luxury toiletries brand, Lush, has announced that it is going to stop marketing itself on Social Media in the UK. The company announced that it was tired of “fighting algorithms”. Therefore, it is gradually closing down its strong social media presence. Lush’s 570,000 Instagram followers reacted strongly and were overall, disappointed with the decision. Fashion blogger, Leah, tweeted ” I cannot fathom what has gone through the marketing director’s mind at Lush… Madness”

However, Lush’s North American branch has added to followers that it’s still going to continue posting. Even despite of the UK’s extreme decision.

We’ve found the decision very strange. Social media is the best and most effective way of increasing brand recognition and attracting new customers. It will be interesting to see how Lush recuperates these losses via traditional or different digital marketing efforts. Some have suggested they will instead work with Influencers or create a hashtag to maintain a crucially important digital presence.


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