Twitter develops New Streaming Feature

Jason Bourgeois
May 23, 2019

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Instagram is developing a new sharing option for users

Instagram is continuing to work on its sharing options, providing a unique link that allows users to share a link to a specific story.

The new option has been being tested for a few months. One option they have been testing is the ability for users to share a link to the entire story.

We’re excited about this update as this update could add an extra level to your brand’s marketing plan. By providing a link you could promote your Story in an email newsletter, add it to your email signature or share this on other platforms.

Twitter Develops Collaborative Streaming Feature

Twitter has recently tested a new-live streaming option that allows users to invite guests into their live-stream. These guests would then be able to participate via audio format.

This, strangely, follows a similar recent update by Periscope. This update allows users to add up to three guests into a stream at a time whilst also being heard by everyone in the group.

With this update, it seems that Periscope is definitely not needed by the app anymore. So is Periscope a viable platform in its own right? We’re excited to find out what happens with streaming via Twitter and whether Periscope will develop its own platform.

Instagram Adds New “Join Chat” Sticker For Stories

Instagram’s new update lets the user add the sticker to their story. They then add a small note about what the chat is about. People who then view the Story can request to join the group chat.

This new option provides a way for users to build further communication, prompting the inclusion of private group discussions. If this is launched this could provide another way to build stronger communication in the Instagram community, especially for brands. It could allow you to bring your biggest advocates closer together to share with them exclusive content or to seek a consultation.

We’re excited to see how these updates will allow brands to build a stronger relationship with their customers.


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