Pinterest Launches Dark Mode in 2019

Jason Bourgeois
October 4, 2019

After the success of Twitter and Messenger dark mode, Pinterest has now updated its app!

The new option is now available in both iOS and Android versions of the app.

Pinterest explained:

“We hear from many Pinners that Pinterest is how they end their days – by looking at inspirational plans and calming Pins before dozing off.”

With searches for “calming phone backgrounds” up 77% of users are definitely using Pinterest to adopt a more relaxing and less stressful lifestyle. Therefore, the site has responded to requests by creating a feature that is easier on the eyes and better for nighttime browsing. The new function is also better for battery life in some cases!

How To Install Dark Mode

To enable the feature on Pinterest, update your app, then go to settings and select “Display and Brightness”. Click the ‘dark mode’ option to update your preferences.

Users knew this update was coming after the success of Twitter and Facebook dark mode previously.

What do you think of this update? Will you be using the feature before bedtime to create a calming atmosphere even when using


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