LinkedIn launches new live streaming platform, “LinkedIn Live”

Jason Bourgeois
February 12, 2019

LinkedIn has joined the likes of Facebook and Instagram in the live streaming trend, launching its own platform, “LinkedIn Live”.

The new live video tool was created with the aim of having more video content on the site. As users will now have the opportunity to directly converse with those individuals that they follow on the platform. Businesses will now be able to share live content from events and panels. The platform could also be used to introduce followers to new products. As well as allowing companies to interact with followers’ comments live on the stream.

This updated live streaming platform doesn’t come as a surprise. A recent study found that users are x20 more likely to share video on LinkedIn than any other type of post.

LinkedIn Live Engagement


The addition of LinkedIn Live will allow the company to build on its new record levels of engagement. Thus, propelling the company into the future of video. The new platform will be similar to video streaming features such as Facebook live streaming, Instagram stories and IGTV.

The update is currently only available in the US to invite-only business pages. However, if this works well we soon could be seeing more types of live content from businesses in the UK. LinkedIn is also working with providers such as Wirecast, Switcher Studios and Socialive, in order to help users create more polished videos on the site.

LinkedIn may be one of the last sites to join the live streaming trend. However, the update is still an important step forward for the site. The opportunity for businesses to talk directly to their audience, interacting with them in a real-time scenario, will see more and more users joining the site.


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