Instagram’s New Story Mention Notifications

Jason Bourgeois
July 25, 2019

Instagram stories are now more popular than ever. With 36% of businesses using Instagram Stories to promote their brand, the platform is a great way to build awareness.

However, Instagram is looking to further boost story engagement by adding notifications every time you are mentioned in a story. This is why they’ve rolled out a new beta update for some users. These people see a new “Stories About You” section on their app.

The new section lists all the stories that you have been tagged or “@” in. These notifications are separate from your normal list allowing the users to easily see stories they have been tagged in.

This Instagram stories update could be very beneficial for brands who can easily see all their customers who tag them, giving them individualised and one on one attention. Thus, either resolvin a problem quickly or thanking them for their support of the brand. Brand loyalty will also increase as customers feel listened to by the brands they follow.

Although this isn’t necessarily a new feature as we’ve had notifications before, this new system allows better communication between brands and their customers.

All we know is that with 500 million users actively on Instagram Stories every day, any update is significant!

Let us know what you think of the test phase update on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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