Instagram Update Lets you Post to Multiple Accounts At Once

Jason Bourgeois
January 22, 2019

This week Instagram has unveiled plans for a new update that allows content to be posted from multiple accounts at one time. Overall, the company hopes to make regular posting easier for users. An Instagram spokesperson notes “We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts”.

Describing it as a ‘self re-gram’ influencers and businesses should find sharing content across accounts much easier. At the stage of posting, you can add the new feature. You can find the new option under the section for tagging others in the post. This update comes at a point where Instagram see 1 billion monthly users on their platform.

However, many believe that this may contribute towards a ‘cookie-cutter’ algorithm where users see repeated, less original content across the platform. SocialThings founder Zachary Shakked also admitted: “It could save a tiny bit of time”. However, the lack of originality behind the update may mean it faces a backlash in the future.

Currently, Instagram has plans to roll out the update to all iOS users. After this, Android users will also receive the update.


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