Facebook Redesigns Its Stories Feature

Jason Bourgeois
May 16, 2019

Catch up with the latest updates from your favourite social media platforms including Facebook’s story update.

1. YouTube Adds Image Ads

Youtube, better known for video content, will now focus on placing image content on the online platform. The platform announced this week that it will provide non-video advertiser with a still image option for ads. These will appear within the YouTube home feeds as YouTube viewers scroll to find new videos to watch. YouTube has further added that these ads will be personalised to the content the user is searching for.

Allowing advertisers that don’t create a video to advertise on the 1.8 billion strong platforms is a good idea from YouTube. However, we wonder how customers will feel being bombarded with more ads?

2. Facebook Updates its Stories Feature

It looks like Facebook stories will soon be updated to accommodate links and mentions in the “stories” format. Soon businesses will be able to add links to their stories. This is already available to some users but not widely accessible to everyone.

The update will allow businesses to now drive traffic straight from their Facebook account. The update will also see the mention sticker be added to stories. Much like Instagram, you will soon be able to mention brands, influencers and other Facebook users in your stories. Do you think this is a good idea, or is Facebook slowly morphing into the same style of social media as Instagram with its stories options and updates?

3. LinkedIn Updates Its Job Search Tool

LinkedIn is slowly developing itself as another influential social media platform like Facebook, despite Instagram’s overall dominance! This week LinkedIn has boosted its functionality to cater to its audience’s demands. One update is a redesigned Jobs search home page that streamlines new jobs into a single search result. LinkedIn says this will allow users to find jobs easily as well as having the option to save your search so you are not constantly running over the same job options.

A second update is an option for instant job alerts. LinkedIn says that these alerts are personalised to jobs you’ve recently searched for ensuring that all alerts you receive are relevant to your areas of interest. Do you think these new updates will make finding jobs on the platform easier and less time-consuming? Let us know what you think about the new LinkedIn improvements!


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