Facebook Launches New 2020 VR Tools

Jason Bourgeois
September 26, 2019

Facebook’s family of social media apps continues to grow as it dominates the industry with 2.7 billion people using their apps every month. With this massive audience, Facebook is constantly looking for ways to engage them and keep them on the app. That’s why Facebook is looking towards the future and VR in particular.

This week Facebook’s Virtual Reality arm, Oculus held its first conference, ‘Oculus Connect’. Here, we saw the latest technological innovations and tools to take social media to the next level.

One of the biggest announcements of the event was the hand-tracking options for social media without the use of gloves. Users wearing a VR headset will be able to interact with the virtual world by moving their hands. The headset simply picks up movement.


Hand Tracking In VR

Oculus announced that “Hand tracking on Quest will let people be more expressive in VR and connect on a deeper level in social experiences. Your hands are always with you and always on – you don’t have to grab a controller, keep it charged, or pair it with the headset to jump into VR”.

After Facebook announced it was creating digital avatars to bear your likeness this VR technology was greatly expected.

With these updates, Facebook is creating a whole new world of connection for its audience. A world where your digital self begins to take on a life of its own.

Zuckerberg has noted that sales in the Oculus Store have already exceeded demand, topping $100 million in Virtual Reality content. We predict big and exciting things for a platform whose new device is selling “as fast as we are making them”!


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