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Facebook Campus connects students

Nicky Bartlett
October 13, 2020

Facebook Campus was recently launched in various American states in September this year. It is a college-only space that connects students with other classmates over shared interests and topics. Think of it as an online college community helping students to converse easily with each other from all over the world.

Naturally, this year has posed a big challenge for students as the pandemic has forced most campuses to move to partial or full-time remote learning, making it imperative to stay connected to the college community. Apart from swopping notes and discussing study topics, college is a time for discovering new opportunities and interests, and most importantly for making new friends.

Facebook originally started off as a college-only network, and is now simply returning to its roots by creating the Facebook Campus.

College is a time for making new friends, finding people who share similar interests and discovering new opportunities to connect – from clubs to study groups, sports and more. In the early days, Facebook was a college-only network, and now we’re returning to our roots with Facebook Campus to help students make and maintain these relationships, even if they’re away from their college.

The online Campus is a dedicated section of the Facebook app intended to be used by students with a Campus profile in addition to their main Facebook profile. Students simply need their college email address and the year they will be graduating, in order to create their Campus profile. Similarly to their main profiles, they can add more details about what courses they are studying, chosen subjects and personal information.

Through the Campus profile, students will have access to groups and activities connected to their place of study, connecting them with fellow students with similar interests. The more information added, the more likely students will be able to find classmates with the same commonalities. It also provides Facebook with more data, which aids in the platforms ad targeting decisions. As all information shared, remains on the Facebook Campus Profile only, this is a particularly useful feature for staff members who would like to be connected, but do not want students to have access to their private main profiles.

Facebook Campus Features

Some of the main features the Campus has include Campus-only News Feed, which works in the same way as the main profile’s news feed. Any updates, announcements about any college-related events and shared information will be displayed in the news feed.

The Campus also has a classmate directory making it easier to find classmates and meet new people within the Campus, by searching the class year, major or name. as expected it also features Campus Chats which are real-time chat rooms. Students can create specific chat rooms dedicated to their college clubs, dormitories and campus societies.

Facebook Campus Security

As per Facebook standards, the Campus is said to meet all the requirements to ensure users’ safety and privacy, making it secure, inclusive and optional. Although the Campus profile is separated from the main Facebook, if a student blocks another users on their main Facebook profile, the same setting will apply to their Campus profile and vice versa. Likewise, if a user has violated Facebook’s community standards outside of Campus, they also won’t be able to join the new section. Graduates are allowed to maintain their Campus profiles, but will be sent a notification recommending they leave, as the profile will no longer be relevant to them, once they complete their studies.

Facebook has already started launching the new section in various American states, prioritising the larger colleges and universities. And will likely continue to spread and gain users as remote learning remains necessary and popular for various reasons.

So if you are a registered student, studying remotely, make sure you check our Facebook Campus and stay connected to your college community. Give Image Matters a shout if you need assistance setting up your profile.



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