Review Board Will Police Facebook Posting Regulations

Jason Bourgeois
January 29, 2019

Facebook has announced today that it will create a new, independent content review board.

Consisting of 40 industry professionals, and fronted by former British MP Nick Clegg, the board will review whether controversial content should stay on the site.

Facebook’s new draft charter stated:

“Everyday, teams at Facebook make difficult decisions about what content should stay up and what should come down. We have come to believe that Facebook should not make so many of those decisions on its own – that people should be able to request an appeal of our content decisions to an independent body.”

After previous scandals surrounding Facebook’s content rules and regulations, it is hoped that the board will alleviate some pressure off of Facebook. Whilst also reassuring its users that the content they see is safe.


The Review Board Means A Greater level of Transparency

The new board already faces many criticisms regarding the lack of responsibility Facebook itself is taking for restricted content. However, the hope is that this external body will provide a greater level of transparency for Facebook users.

For many years Facebook, along with all other social media platforms, has struggled with content. Especially, when assessing the line between free speech and harmful posts. As a social network, Facebook has previously argued that they shouldn’t be held accountable for setting parameters for content. Therefore, this external ‘oversight’ body will mean that these parameters are no longer solely governed by Facebook. This distances the company somewhat from making those tough rulings on harmful content but also aims to lessen the likelihood of brand-harming posts that have damaged Facebook’s reputation in the past.


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