Facebook Adds Animated Reactions

Jason Bourgeois
May 2, 2019

Here are the latest Social Media News and Updates including Snapchats collaboration with Shopify and Facebook’s updated reactions.

Snapchat Announces New Shopify Ads

Snapchat is continuing to learn from Instagram in order to make it a more business-friendly platform. Their latest update will see a new partnership with the eCommerce platform Shopify.

This update will enable Shopify merchants to purchase ads on Snapchat in order to promote their business to new audiences.

CNBC noted that the update will “open Snap’s door, for example, for a small business that may not have the budget for an agency or the marketing know-how to do more sophisticated campaigns”.

This is the first in a couple of updates the app is set to make to increase its ability to be a marketing platform. So, maybe we all will be using Snapchat to market in the future? What’s your reaction to the news?


Facebook Tests More Animated Reactions

Facebook has developed a range of more animated reactions. According to the social network site, these reactions will encourage expression on the site.

At the moment, users can react to posts and comments with a smile, frown, anger or crying face. However, the update will mean these are animated and more 3D looking.

To be honest, it seems like this is a very minor change, however, some users are already angry about the changes. Some think they are too clunky and are asking Facebook to return to the current reactions.

Do you like the new animated reactions? Let us know what you think of the latest social media news!


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