Facebook Adds 3D Photos

Jason Bourgeois
April 18, 2019

This week’s news sees social media sites learning from each other to develop new updates. As well as this Facebook embraces the future by allowing users to upload 3D photos!

1. Instagram’s shared viewing option

This week Instagram has released a new feature, a “watch party” function. Much like Facebook’s latest update, the app will now allow users to view on platform videos with friends. The unusual aspect if the viewing option will also allow you to see your friend’s genuine reactions to the videos you’re watching as well!

The split-screen update will also allow users to add filters and stickers to personalise their experience.

This update will make viewing videos a more social experience, similar to watching live-streams. Currently, the option only allows two viewers to watch at the same time, but the app is looking into ways to increase this number. Most interestingly this update will keep users on the app, not losing them to external links, which will increase the value of the app for marketers.

2. Facebook’s 3D Photos

The future is now as Facebook has added a new option, allowing users to post 3D photos on the site!

The photos allow the users to see photos from different angles when tilting the smartphone. And, what’s more it won’t require any extra effort from you as Facebook uses the dual camera set up on smartphones to transform the photos into 3D.

This is a very exciting development for social sharing. Think of the engagement your brands next 3D campaign could get!

3. LinkedIn’s New Reactions

LinkedIn has announced a new set of Facebook-like reactions for posts. Currently, on the site, you can only like a post. Users find this restrictive, so the app has started looking at emoji responses.

Although the reactions look slightly different from Facebook’s, we all know they are essentially the same.

LinkedIn says they released the update as users “want more expressive ways than [just] a ‘Like’ to respond to the variety of posts you see in your feed”. The update will, therefore, allow users to “constructively communicate with one another” within the app.

With more and more social media sites starting to look the same are we just going to see them all rolled into one? Probably not just yet, but it is an interesting discussion point for marketers to consider.


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